This site provides an overview of the 1st comprehensive retrospective of Japanese film director Nobuhiko Obayashi. It is aimed at potential partners -festivals, film institutions, sponsors-  who could help me realize this ambitious project.

My immediate priority is to find a venue that can host and partly finance the retrospective. Already the project has drawn strong interest and encouragement from various film organizations both in Japan and abroad, including the Japan Foundation and movie rights holders. Once a commitment is obtained from an organizational partner, I am confident all other practical issues can quickly fall into place.

I am not personally affiliated with Mr Obayashi nor did he assign me to carry out this project. It was started on my own initiative, developed in my own time out of love for his work and because I believe it deserves wider recognition.

After I made a presentation to Mr. Obayashi in person, he generously agreed to offer his support. I am since in direct and regular contact with his office.

If you wish to contribute to the project in any way or have any question, please feel free to contact me.

About me
Denis Cordier
Toky-based independent filmmaker and coordinator.
Born in Paris, educated in Los Angeles, lives in Japan since 2002.